Oracle cloud licensing service is for companies that moved to the cloud and wants to optimize or make sure they are compliant with Oracle licenses. This includes companies who wants to move Oracle workloads to any public cloud platform such as AWS, Azure, Oracle or Google and wants to understand licensing options.

Oracle cloud licensing risks

  • Oracle licensing works different depending on which platform you choose. For example, AWS and GCP do not have the same licensing models available.
  • If you are running Oracle today on AWS or Azure – Oracle is frequently auditing customers who run on AWS. They have success findings companies that have mistakenly deployed on those platforms only to be found they are not allowed to do so because of contractual restrictions in their Oracle licensing agreements.
  • Oracle Cloud have different options if you compare Oracle Universal Cloud Credits or BYOL. It is difficult to understand which model is right for you. Listening to Oracle advice often leads to you committing too much money to Oracle.
  • Making sense of your existing software investments in Oracle and what you can map it to on Oracle BYOL is difficult. It requires you to understand what you are using today, but also what you need in the future to avoid overspend.

How we help you with Oracle cloud licensing service

We are former Oracle LMS auditors. We can analyze Oracle’s official LMS scripts and determine what Oracle software you are using for you on-premises deployments before you move to the cloud. Then we help you making sure you deploy it on right sized instances. We can provide you with licensing models for Oracle vs AWS vs Azure vs GCP, if you are uncertain about the benefits of each cloud platform. We can also manage and support you on Oracle BYOL to Oracle cloud, which offers benefits in usage but also license management risks.

Oracle cloud licensing service includes

  • A review of all your Oracle deployments in AWS, Azure, Oracle and GCP to obtain an Oracle licensing position including any financial risks.
  • If we identify non-compliance issues with your deployments, we work with your team to remediate these issues.
  • We offer strategic Oracle cloud licensing strategy comparing the different platforms and pricing structures to help you decide which platform to move your Oracle workloads to.
  • We are experts in Oracle OCI and Oracle BYOL. We help you negotiate OCI agreements and optimize you spend. This includes help to choose the right spend model, BYOL vs license included.


Are you moving workloads to any public cloud platform and wants to make sure you are correctly licensed?  

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