Oracle LMS Negotiation Service

The Oracle LMS negotiation is for companies who have been audited by Oracle and have been issued the preliminary or final report and needs help to reduce the findings and find the optimal Oracle audit settlement. If you just received the report from Oracle, do not respond or approve the report. Our advice is to contact us and get help.

Oracle license audit report risks

  • Oracle LMS often makes mistakes in the report and it’s you who needs to uncover what those mistakes are to avoid overpaying to Oracle.
  • Oracle licensing policies are not black and white and you want help to design your position to why you should not purchase licenses for any “grey area” policy violations.
  • Oracle on VMware is very common in Oracle audits. We help you defend your company to avoid overpaying to Oracle.
  • To understand how much you should pay for settling the audit is difficult for anyone. We have had experience with over 300 Oracle audits and can share information on what other companies are paying for similar figures.

Oracle LMS Negotiation Service benefits

We review the Oracle audit report and look for wrong assumptions made by Oracle LMS. We can review all the data you shared with Oracle to find errors in Oracle conclusions, which can be used to dispute other audit results and strengthen your negotiation leverage.

We provide you with negotiation talking points and explain how Oracle views the different compliance issues.

Oracle LMS negotiation service includes:

  • A full review of the Oracle Audit Report – reviewing licensing models that Oracle have applied to cover the servers running Oracle.
  • Review the Oracle audit script data to verify Oracle audit findings.
  • A counter audit negotiation strategy – how to reduce the findings as much as possible.
  • Oracle audit settlements with up to a 90%+ reduction compared to the initial findings.
  • Oracle audit negotiation advisory – insider secrets of Oracle audit process.
  • Oracle audit commercial expertise, contracts, discounts – making sure that if you purchase any software, they are done to minimal costs and with airtight licensing agreements.

To request a proposal and statement of work, contact us.