Oracle Negotiation Service

Oracle Negotiation service is for companies who are negotiating with Oracle. This includes license purchases, amendments, Oracle ULAs, Oracle support reductions and Oracle cloud negotiations.

Oracle negotiation risks

  • Oracle discounts are not transparent. We see discounting range from 0-95% discount and there are no trends in terms of customer size or Oracle spend.
  • Oracle licensing agreements only includes a few standard terms, this gives the Oracle account team all the leverage to control negotiation.
  • Oracle sales reps negotiate Oracle licensing, support or cloud contracts all the time. Most IT procurement professionals do it once a year or less. Oracle will always have the advantage no matter how experienced the IT sourcing professional is.
  • Oracle is according to Gartner the most difficult vendor to negotiate with.
  • If you lack insights into Oracle pricing and business terms, you will leave money on the table or expose yourself to unknown risks.

How we help you negotiate better contracts

We are former Oracle employees. We have negotiated hundreds of Oracle licensing agreements, Oracle Unlimited license agreements, Oracle Perpetual Unlimited license agreemetns, Pool of Funds license agreements and cloud agreements, this includes Oracle SaaS agreements, Oracle Fusion ERP, Oracle HCM, Oracle Universal Cloud Credits. on behalf of Oracle. We will give you a unique insight into Oracle’s approval organization. Working with us there is nothing Oracle knows you will not know.

Oracle negotiation service includes

  • Oracle negotiation tactics – what arguments will help you get more competitive offers from the Oracle sales team.
  • Oracle discounting & benchmarking – what are other companies paying for similar licenses, services or hardware.
  • Review of your existing Oracle contracts to identify where we know it can be improved in the next contract. Help you build a terms and conditions bill of material.
  • Negotiation advisory and insights – what can be approved by the local sales team and how difficult are certain negotiation items to achieve. This will help you maximize your outcome when you know what is negotiable and what is non-negotiable.

If you want to know more about our services and how we can help the organization that you work for, contact us to schedule an consultation.